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Adem Kulauzovic - Director of Product Management


I started working with Domino in 2007 as a Systems Integration Engineer, with the goal of joining a successful company that was expanding quickly to advance my career. I spent this first year providing technical support on all Domino laser products, providing support for customers and OEMs integrating Domino printers into their equipment, assisted sales acting as the liaison between their customers and specifying proper equipment to meet all of the customer’s requirements, and providing advanced training to customers, distributors and technicians.

In 2008, I began as Project Manager Software Automation/ Integration Group. Here I developed software solutions to overcome feature limitations with the current product line, provided solutions by creating visions systems packages to be integrated with our CIJ and Laser product line, while assisting in the development of turnkey solutions.

The contributing factors of my success at Domino is my desire to learn new things and willingness to tackle difficult issues and challenges. The support from my supervisors encouraging me to provide solutions and workarounds for it have contributed to my success. Finally, the support from my peers, working as a group to reach a common goal, has launched Domino to the successful place we are now.

The support of the management staff and their assistance in helping all of Domino’s employees progress is what makes Domino so great. The personal bond have I with my peers and the attitude of rewarding those who work hard and helping people who want to advance in their career while providing them programs that let them do so, is what makes Domino a great place to work at

Adem Kulauzovic
Job Title:
Director of Product Management
Product Management- North America
Duration working for Domino:
 6 years