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Supplier Standard

Suppliers are required to comply, where applicable, with the requirements and principles of the Domino Group’s Ethics Policy and to perform all activities associated with the supply of goods and services in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to environmental and health and safety matters.

Suppliers are required to ensure that no goods or services supplied to any member of the  Domino Group are produced utilising forced, indentured or convict labour or the labour of persons in violation of the laws in the country of manufacture concerning minimum working age, minimum wage, hours of service or overtime.


Suppliers are required: 

  • not to give or receive bribes  in connection with the supply of goods or services  to members of the Domino Group
  • to use reasonable endeavours to ensure that their employees, associated companies, agents or  suppliers  do not give or receive bribes  in connection with the supply of goods or services to members of the Domino Group.

For this purpose, a bribe means any financial or other advantage given to: 

  • someone to persuade them to act improperly or to reward them for acting improperly;
  • a public official to influence them in carrying out their duties.

Suppliers are required to have established an effective program to ensure all suppliers it utilises to provide any goods or services to any member of the Domino Group will comply with the requirements set out in this Standard.

If the Supplier commits any material breach of this Standard, any Supply Agreement in force with that Supplier may be immediately terminated.