A warm welcome to Domino's global network of distributors. We are proud to be represented in more than 130 countries by 75 distributors, many of whom have been our partners for more than 20 years. Domino's diversified product portfolio is available around the world. Our global consistency extends beyond our products to the high level of service and training, available from all our distributors.

- Ben Rock, Director of Distribution

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Constituted 4 years ago, CORPACK was born as Public Limited Corporation.

In an environment with incipient Industry, Corpack S.A. was formed to serve to the Domestic market with products of great utility for the Industry. We represent in Ecuador to Domino and distribute their Printers machine, Fluids and Spares. Furthermore, we offer permanent advising through our technical team; and we have developed, at the same time, line of labels and Stretch Film, which give us opening in whole the Industrial range of the Region.  For the comfort of our clients, we have offices in Guayaquil and Quito .

Constituida hace 4 años, CORPACK  nace como Sociedad Anónima.

En un ambiente con Incipiente industria, Corpack S.A. fue formada para servir al mercado Nacional con productos de gran utilidad para la Industria.  Representamos en Ecuador a Domino y distribuimos sus Codificadoras, fluidos y repuestos.  Además, ofrecemos un permanente asesoramiento a través de nuestros técnicos; y hemos desarrollado, al mismo tiempo, línea de etiquetas y Stretch Film, que nos da apertura a todo el abanico industrial de la Región.  Para comodidad de nuestros clientes, tenemos oficinas en Guayaquil y Quito.

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Jack Eskenazi

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