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FE environmentally friendly filters
Efficient, long-lasting performance
- for production at full capacity
Fume Extraction filters

FE-Fume Extraction filters

The key improvement of our latest extraction system is the filtration technology, independently tested and approved by ILK (Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration, Dresden).

The presence of two-stage pre-filters allows small particles to be sifted better, prolonging the service life of the main filter due to lower particle load. This means the FE-Fume Extraction achieves superior gas filtration and guarantees a healthy production environment.

Thanks to the incinerable properties of the materials, the MDF (medium-density fibreboard) of both the main filter and pre-filter is easy to dispose. This allows customers to cut down on waste recycling costs, highlighting the green credentials of Domino’s latest extractor.

Key Benefits
  • Visual icon signals on the display indicate the right time for filter exchange and hence saves costs and extra effort
  • Pre-filter provide better filtration than other filters due to their double filtration stage
  • The gas binding capacity of the main filter is much higher due to superior active carbon which helps to keep working environment very clean and healthy
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