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Domino Presents Full Range of Specialist Coding Solutions at TabExpo 2011

Domino Full Coding Solutions for Tobacco

Domino Printing Sciences, global leader in coding and marking solutions and preferred supplier to many multi-national tobacco companies, will present its latest laser, ink jet and labelling solutions designed for the Tobacco sector at TABEXPO 2011|. 

On its stand (A11), Domino will be demonstrating the capabilities of its new D320i high speed scribing laser| which delivers superior quality permanent codes onto cigarette packs.  Also on the stand will be the A-Series Pinpoint™, a continuous ink jet technology used to print fine characters directly onto packs.  Visitors will also see full speed demonstrations of Domino’s M-Series print and apply labelling solution for clear-wrap bundles, the G-Series thermal inkjet printer for packs, cartons & cases, and the V-Series thermal transfer overprinting technology| for flexible packaging such as pouches or over wrapping|.

On public display for the first time at TABEXPO, Domino’s new D320i is the latest generation of high performance scribing lasers, designed to increase productivity and flexibility within the most demanding production environments. 

The D320i is an extremely versatile, robust and superior quality scribing laser capable of marking serial numbers, batch codes, bar codes and 2D Data Matrix codes onto cigarette packs and cartons.  

The new model offers market-leading speed and is up to 30% faster than Domino’s previous equivalent, which will be welcomed by users facing the challenge of applying increased levels of variable data at high line speeds.  The speed boost derives largely from the combination of increased laser power and Domino’s new i-Tech intelligent Technology scan head.  The result is a beam with higher energy density, for faster and more intense marking.

All models are simple and flexible to operate and can be managed using Domino’s intuitive remote TouchPanel, or via a web-based interface running on any industrial PC.  For ultimate flexibility, the new D-Series can also be controlled through customers’ production line interfaces.

To speed job set-up, message changes are instantly updated in the system, and production data can be uploaded or downloaded from the controller either via USB or an Ethernet network.

The A-Series Pinpoint™ is a variant of the world’s best-selling A-Series range of continuous ink jet printers (CIJ).|  Domino’s ink jet printing technology makes managing coding and marking simple, reliable and cost effective, and integrates easily into existing production lines.  In addition, its one button start-stop technology and self-cleaning print head means less operator intervention and reduces changeover and production down time.  The A-Series Pinpoint™ is driven by specialist software designed by Domino to cater specifically for the tobacco sector, to accurately deliver extremely fine, discreet characters as small as 0.8mm at very high speeds, while maintaining a top quality print.

The Domino M-Series print and apply range| is a fully modular portfolio of label printers, applicators and accessories, which delivers the flexibility to satisfy every customer requirement for printing variable data, text and graphics onto clear warp bundles or master cases.  Delivering accurate information and label placement without compromising production line speeds, the M-Series range ensures maximum productivity, flexibility and profitability; and includes thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers in both left and right hand versions.  These combine with a range of blow, tamp, tamp and blow and wipe label applicators for optimal performance and operation.

Also making their first appearances at TABEXPO will be the new V220i high-speed thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), and the G-Series thermal-ink-jet printer (TIJ).|  Delivering high quality variable data printing at up to 300dpi, the V220i is typically used to overprint text, real time clocks, bar codes, Data Matrix codes and logos onto a wide range of flexible packaging materials, including film and paper.  Designed for use in either intermittent or continuous motion, the printers are compatible with a wide range of packaging machinery seen in the tobacco sector.

Simple dancing roller technology maintains consistent tension between the new and used ribbon spools, thereby reducing maintenance requirements while increasing throughput and uptime. Printers in the range also offer a patented Variable Ribbon Economy feature, which offers ribbon savings of up to 60%. This feature also maximises uptime by significantly increasing effective ribbon length (up to 1625 metres).

The Domino G-Series delivers significant benefits for pack, carton or case applications and is a popular choice for the pharmaceutical sector, as it moves to comply with new traceability legislation – in particular the recently-ratified EU Falsified Medicines Directive. 

The ease, speed and accuracy with which the G-Series is able to apply complex and serialised data, including 2D matrix codes, combined with clean operation also makes it a good option for the tobacco sector.

Of key benefit to manufacturers, is the G-Series’ ability to meet the ever-increasing requirement for improved quality and high speed printing onto an expanding and diverse array of substrates, thanks to impressive 600 dpi resolution and speeds of up to 300m/min.

Domino offers a range of multi-substrate, fast-drying inks, uniquely developed in-house by Domino, which increases the range of print substrates compatible with the G-Series, thereby opening up new application possibilities for manufacturers.  The capability to quickly switch between water- and ethanol-based inks enables printing onto porous and non-porous materials and sets the G-Series apart from other TIJ solutions, which are typically restricted to slower-drying, water-based options.

The G-Series can control up to four print heads via a single controller, which offers greatly improved efficiency and performance benefits to users.  The result is a print solution capable of fulfilling complex coding and marking requirements simultaneously on four different production lines with different ink types – all under the management of one print controller.

Commenting on Domino’s line up of coding and marking solutions for the tobacco industry at TABEXPO 2011, James Cutforth, Global Account Manager for the Tobacco Sector at Domino Printing Sciences plc says, “With the ever present threat of illicit trading in tobacco products and the need to maintain production output efficiencies, tobacco manufacturers are looking increasingly to their suppliers to provide enhanced security and traceability solutions that will fit seamlessly into existing cigarette production and packaging environments without compromising output.”

He continues, “With over 30 years of experience and as the largest supplier of coding and marking technologies to the tobacco industry, Domino has continued to develop cutting-edge technologies that not only meet the increasing challenges facing tobacco manufacturers but will also ensure maximum effectiveness of production equipment.”


Posted on Monday 17th October 2011