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Binary Digital Printing

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Binary technology is typically used by the commercial printing industry to print addresses, graphics, numbers, barcodes and other variable data onto a variety of substrates such as plastic cards, tickets and tokens. 

Domino's binary technology, which is easily integrated into new and existing lines, sets the industry standard in terms of quality consistently delivering high resolution text and images at very high speed.

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How it works

The basic principle of Binary Printing is similar to that of Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printing in that tiny drops of ink are deflected in flight by an electrostatic field. An array of 256 individual jets of ink is used within a 2.13 inch print width. A charge electrode applies a charge to the ink drop, which is then deflected. 

When no charge is applied, the drop is not deflected. The ink drops that are not used for printing are charged and are deflected into the gutter. The uncharged drops are not deflected by the high voltage field and fall onto the substrate for printing. Because the uncharged drops are used for printing, optimum print quality and speed can be achieved.
Key Benefits
  • Consistent high definition print quality produced by 256 nozzles in the print head
  • High speed - up to 800m / min
  • Optimum performance due to run time phasing
  • Cost-effective ink recycling
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