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Easy to use message and label design PC software for all of your Domino coders

QuickDesign Lite is a downloadable, easy to use software application that gives you the flexibility to create production line coder messages, in the convenience of a standard windows® PC environment.

Whether you’re designing complex labels with ingredients & allergen information to comply with EU regulation 1169/2011 or creating large numbers of simple date and batch code messages, QuickDesign Lite can help save significant design time compared with inbuilt or touchscreen design applications.

Based on the QuickDesign common platform, QuickDesign Lite is compatible with A-,C-,D-, F-, G-, M- and V-Series Domino coders, and works on all major windows OS PC platforms.  

Simply click the download link, follow the instructions and you can be designing messages or labels for your production line within minutes.

It’s our aim to get you up and running, fast, so take a look our video how to guides and FAQ’s; they provide beginner, intermediate and advanced level help at the click of a button.

Key Benefits
  • Improved efficiency - create message and labels on a PC and save for future use
  • Simplifies generation of complex messages, including full Unicode character support
  • Easily upgradeable to QuickDesign for increase connectivity, control and Automation capabilities
  • Available for your Domino primary, secondary and tertiary printers at no extra cost
How to Guides

Q1 - What is QuickDesign Lite?

QuickDesign Lite is a downloadable, easy to use software application that gives you the flexibility to create production line coder messages, in the convenience of a standard windows® PC environment.

Q2 – What does QuickDesign Lite do?

QuickDesign Lite is primarily a message/label design application, which allows users to create production line ready messages for Domino coders from a Windows PC.

Q3 – How can I get help using QuickDesign Lite?

QuickDesign Lite help is available in the form of How to guide video’s which demonstrate a variety of functions in QuickDesign Lite; from initial installation to printer configuration and message/label design.Click on the How to guides tab of the QuickDesign Lite product page to view these video’s.For more detailed help relating to specific features, you can also view the inbuilt help files, which cover a variety of detailed QuickDesign Lite features.

Q4 – How can I download QuickDesign Lite?

To download QuickDesign Lite, click on the download QuickDesign Lite link on the QuickDesign Lite product page, this will prompt you to register your details including your email address. Once you have completed this form you will be sent an email with a link to download the application.

Q5 – What makes QuickDesign Lite different?

QuickDesign Lite was built by Domino for Domino, meaning that the drivers within QuickDesign cover the broadest range of features and capabilities of the coders.QuickDesign Lite is part of a common platform, which includes QuickDesign and QuickDesign Automation modules, this means that QuickDesign Lite is fully upgradeable, and you won’t need to worry about redesigning your message or labels.

Q6 – Can I highlight Allergens to meet EU regulation 1169/2011?

Yes, QuickDesign Lite provides the ability to highlight word within paragraphs to meet this EU regulation.

Q7 – How do I update QuickDesign Lite when a new version is available?

Domino will automatically send you an email when a new version of QuickDesign Lite is available. This email will also contain updating instructions and a link to a new installer. Read the instructions and download the installer, the update will only take a few minutes once the download is complete.

Q8 – I need to use multiple PC’s to access my messages/labels, can QuickDesign Lite do this?

No, this capability is only possible with full QuickDesign, to upgrade to QuickDesign contact your local sales office or distributor.

Q9 – How can I purchase an upgrade to full QuickDesign?

Upgrading QuickDesign Lite to QuickDesign is managed through the upgrade of an electronic license key, so the process is quick and easy.Simply contact your local certified Domino sales office or distributor, who will be able to provide pricing and start the upgrade process.

Q10 – What is Next for QuickDesign Lite?

QuickDesign Lite is always evolving, to add new coder features and improve usability. Register to download QuickDesign Lite, and we will tell you when we have improved the application by sending your links to download application updates.

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