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Coding Automation

Stand alone printers are not part of any system

Without coding automation, each printer needs to be configured on an individual basis. This can lead to mistakes and inconsistencies in the data to be printed as well as prove very time consuming if you have a number of printers on a production line.  Warnings and alerts are local to the device and are not integrated with the rest of the system.

Coding Automation creates a system out of the equipment

Coding Automation provides a central point for data entry and so provides a greater accuracy and consistency in the data. Networked printers are all updated at the same time with the same information, which reduces time configuring each printer and so reduces setup costs.  Coding automation integrates the coding requirements into your production line providing a central point to review the status of all your networked printers across all your production lines. Information can be passed between production equipment and printers to provide a more secure and robust system.

What can’t be measured can’t be improved

  • Do you know how much your production line is producing at each print station?
  • Do you know where the most frequents stops are?

Productivity increases when a complete understanding of a system is achieved, where inefficiencies can be identified and corrected. Without a coding automation solution, information is only available locally to each device. This disparate information is difficult to collate to produce a holistic view of the production line.

What can be measured can be improved

With coding automation your coders become information collectors for performance statistics.  Up to the minute counts for every coding station, production line and production order. Problem reports show where you are losing production time giving you a complete holistic view of your production lines.

Kameleon Production Lines

Key Benefits:

  • Enforces coding consistency
  • Reduces the opportunities for mistakes to be made
  • Measurable performance data
  • Data synchronized with MRP/ERP/MES system
  • Quick production start with reduced setup times
  • Scalable – single to multiple production lines
  • Single user interface reduces operator training requirements

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