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D-Series plus

Versatile range of  laser coders|  - designed to provide high quality codes for a wide range of products and production line speeds.

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Versatile laser coding

Ideal for coding on a wide variety of materials at low to high line speeds, the Domino
D-Series plus laser systems offer high versatility and flexibility when it comes to laser coding.

  • Consistent, permanent clear codes  
  • Serial numbers, batch codes, bar codes, 2D codes, real-time numbers, logos, graphics, or more complex European and Asian characters
  • Choice of three laser powers (10W, 30W, 55W) depending on the application and production line speed requirements

Main benefits

The Domino D-Series plus  range of laser systems offers the following benefits: 

  • Domino Touchscreen option with intuitive user interface 
  • Flexible laser head orientations for easy integration in multiple directions
  • Versatile stand-alone and 19'' rack-mounting options 
  • Blue tube technology (9.3μm) available for optimum code quality (esp. for PET applications)
  • Built-in web server for remote control via any Java-enabled web browser

High reliability 

  • Robust and reliable in the most demanding production environments
  • Proven sealed-off CO2 laser technology requires no consumables and minimum maintenance
  • No hard drive needed – fewer moving parts for high reliability

Simple to use

  • Built-in web server that allows all functionality to be controlled remotely via any interface with a Java-enabled web browser
  • Domino Touchscreen option with intuitive interface

Easy integration

  • Compact laser head with modular design for installation in any orientation
  • Separate controller can be easily mounted or stacked and / or stored away minimising footprint requirements

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile and flexible laser coding
  • Choice of 3 laser powers
  • Touchscreen
  • Built-in web server
A-Series Application One 244x160
D200 head control- Cropped- 244x160

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