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Our Range of Flexible Leasing Products

Relax for Ax-Series

Breaking the Service Routine

Relax is our appropriately named flexible finance option that allows you to lease the latest, state-of-the-art printers from Domino.

You can revitalise your production line while taking advantage of the very best customer service which is tailored to your individual business needs. We offer flexible payment options, guaranteed no price increases, scheduled deliveries of your consumables, plus training plans and remote monitoring, diagnostics and services of our SafeGuard packages.Designed to ensure all of your printing operations run as smoothly, as efficiently and as cost-effective as possible, Relax will help you to get on with the work you do best, worry free.

Why Should You Relax?
  • Increased efficiency and reduced operating costs by upgrading old printer fleets
  • Predictable pricing for the life of the contract and agreed costsfor extra prints
  • All the remote monitoring, diagnostics and services of our SafeGuard packages
  • No price increases – all contract costs fixed for life from the start
  • Flexible payment options – monthly or quarterly payment instalments and flexible contract lengths from 3 to 7 years
  • A Relax contract includes scheduled deliveries of your consumables such as inks and makeup throughout the contract term

Relax is available for end customers in Belgium,Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, UK, USA and a number of other territories.

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