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Training Academy
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Invest in knowledge for greater profitability - improve productivity and help eliminate errors by discovering more about our products. Operation and maintenance tools, tips and techniques are offered from our professional experienced instructors using our Group Training Academy method of continuous evaluation and certification.

Choose the course for you

Our courses range from 1-day operator courses covering basic day-to-day use, and data entry to 3-
day maintenance courses that include electrical and mechanical techniques

  • Standard courses, open to all customers
  • On-site courses
  • Tailored courses to suit your requirements

You can download an example course content HERE|

For more information or to arrange training, please contact your local Domino office HERE|.


Operator Training Course

Operators who require training on the daily operation, data entry (and ink replenishment of the printer – inkjet only).

Duration: 1 day

Technical Operator Training Course

Technical Operators who require training on the daily operation and maintenance of the printer.

2 days


Maintenance Training Course

A more advanced course for inkjet maintenance personnel, covering operation and mechanical maintenance schedules and fault rectification.

2 - 3 days
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