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With production typically in very harsh environments, Domino's Continuous|Piezo|   (DOD)|Valve|   (DOD)|  ink jet and laser| printers offer consistent quality and reliability, while providing the versatility necessary to print onto a variety of materials used in the construction industry.

Key Applications


  • Top-down coding for sheet and web applications
  • High quality alphanumeric and graphics with large character C-Series plus  ink jet printers
  • Easy integration into existing production lines
  • High volume ink systems for demanding high throughput applications


  • Laser printing provides permanent coding
  • Superior ink adhesion that is water and solvent resistant


  • Tuned lasers  enable high quality permanent laser coding perforation
  • Advanced UV-curing inks provideenparalleled solvent-and scratch-resistance
  • Excellent light fastness ensures inks will not fade


  • Large character Macrojet / Case Coder  printing of text, logos and bar codes
  • Non contact large character printing allows consistent printing on large, misshaped, bulky items randomly positioned on conveyor belt
  • Superior ink adhesion enables consistent printing onto dusty products


  • Abrasion resistant inks that will not rub off
  • Small character Continuous Ink Jet  coding that is resistant to condensation and frost
  • Permanent letter quality laser  coding


  • Continuous Ink Jet  and laser coding onto a variety of porous and non porous treated wood
  • Inks offer high resilience to wood treatments
  • Permanent laser and abrasive-resistant ink jet coding for product identity
  • Code large character logos and graphics including grading and quality marks using C-Series plus

Key Benefits:

  • IP rated equipment for wash-down environments
  • Consistent coding quality at the highest line speed
  • Anti counterfeit coding
  • Non contact printing for uneven surfaces
  • Print real time and variable data, graphics and bar codes


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