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Domino offers the versatility to print letter-quality micro codes onto a wide range of components and substrates, such as silicone, plastic, metal, rubber, paper and fibreglass, that are used in the electronics industry.

Key Applications


  • Micro codes using lasers and A-Series Pinpoint  ink jet printhead
  • Letter-quality coding with A-Series FreeForm
  • Heat resistant inks that will not fade or discolour
  • Highly adhesive inks that will not scratch off


  • Laser and ink jet printing onto most PCB materials
  • Solder resistant laser coding
  • Laser coding in any orientation


  • UV Cured inks that are wash resistant ensure coding does not rub off
  • Micro codes using A-Series Pinpoint enables the thinnest cables to be marked
  • Large Character  ink jet printing for ribbon cabling  

Corrugated Outer Cases

  • Minimises inventory variants and simplify stock planning using Piezo ink jet (high resolution large character), Valve- Jet (large character) and Print and Apply Labellers .
  • Flexibility for ad-hoc printing runs and personalisation of packaging at no extra cost 
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed cases 
  • Print variable data, graphics and bar coding including GS1 compliant codes

Shrink Wrapped Trays / Pallets

  • Print and Apply Labellers provide high resolution printing of bar codes, text and graphics
  • Ensure supply chain compliance with GS1 compliant codes
  • Accurate information and label placement with no compromise in line speeds
  • Modular systems for seamless integration 


Key Benefits:

  • Non-static permanent laser printing
  • Non-contact printing enables uneven surfaces to be coded without damage
  • Ink jet and laser security coding that can not be removed without damaging the surface of the product
  • Data Matrix coding allows large amounts of information to be printed in a small area
  • Serial codes, batch numbers and graphics protect against counterfeiting
  • Opaque inks provide legible coding on dark surfaces

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