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Food Sector
V220i TTO V-Series Bread

Proven coding technology for the highly diverse bakery industry

Accurate and clear coding for all packaging types

Bakery goods have a relatively short shelf life, so it is important that the best before date is clearly and accurately applied to any bakery packaging

Breads, cakes and biscuits are all packed slightly differently, but ultimately are enclosed in a type of flexible packaging. Although this may seem a simple uniform approach, coding challenges remain as the code location and details vary for each item.

Breads tend to be coded on the tag or clip closure and the material will greatly influence the coding technology. An adhesive tag can be easily coded by Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) or Continuous Ink Jet technologies, while the harder plastic tags typically demand a Laser coding solution.

Cakes and biscuits are typically packaged in trays or wrappers, which can be coded before the product is packaged. Breathable packaging also poses issues for ink based coding due to migration, so TTO or Print & Apply or other labelling methods offer the opportunity to remove and any potential ink based contamination, while CIJ and Laser solutions are ideal for those packing into cartons.

Due to the large number of variations within a bakery production environment, our message control software QuickDesign allows you to easily create full coding & marking  designs on your packs, so reducing your packaging inventory and indeed costs.

Whether you want to print a best before date / ingredients information on the bag or wrap, on a tag or clip, we have a coding solution that is right for you.


Please select a technology from the range below:


Thermal Transfer Overprinting –> V-Series|

  • Print variable data, bar codes and images at 300dpi quality onto flexible packaging films and labels
  • Lowest total cost of ownership – increased efficiencies using 1600m Ribbon rolls and up to 60% Economy Mode
  • A cost-effective alternative for replacement to older, non-digital technologies including hot stamp and roller coders
  • Class-leading user interface (QuickStep) for operational simplicity and reduced errors

Thermal Ink Jet –> G-Series|

  • Multi-head solution for multi-lane applications
  • High resolution printing of TrueType fonts at high speeds with virtually no maintenance
  • Low running costs – lowest cost per print, including as an alternative for secondary packaging
  • Inks developed to match your substrates, suitable Domino’s BK107 ink designed for adhesion and endurance, eliminating the problem of print deterioration commonly found with many wax-based inks
  •  Auto swap print heads for interruption free production lines

Laser –> D & F-Series|

  • Enhancements to support wide web applications including industry leading large mark field for multi-lane installs
  • Small footprint for ease of integration and flexibility for space constraints in your production facility
  • Multiple wavelength options available to match a variety of confectionery packaging
  • Class leading fibre laser option for flexible and rigid plastic packs

Continuous Ink Jet –>A-Series|

  • Food grade non-MEK inks available for regulatory food compliance
  • Highest industry rating for maximum protection against sugar syrup or dust contamination / ease of wash-down
  • Optimal total cost of ownership via revolutionary service free technology

Outer Case Coding –> C-Series| / Print & Apply Labelling –> M-Series|

  • Premium code quality pallet label printing with GS1 coding capability ensuring supply chain compliance
  • Fast consumable changes and unique pad design to handle multiple label sizes for increased productivity
  • Delivering high resolution large text, graphics and bar codes
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