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Food Sector

Cracking the egg code

There’s probably few things as difficult to code as an egg. A variable print distance as a result of their curved surfaces, irregular colour tones, different sizes and the need to print at speed are just some of the challenges faced when printing directly onto eggs. And that’s before the different substrates to be accommodated by their boxes are considered. Domino has a comprehensive set of technologies able to cope with the demanding needs of this sector.

Please select a technology from the range below:


CIJ –> A-Series|

The Domino A-series i-Tech range of continuous ink jet printers has been designed in partnership with egg grader manufacturers and their customers resulting in the highest standards of service-free, reliability and performance

Service-Free and low-running costs
  • Save on call out charges – no manual maintenance required
  • Advanced 3 –Stage solvent recovery allowing for lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Compact stainless steel cabinet
  • IP66 electronics enclosure suitable for even the harshest environments
  • Easy integration of multiple units with stackable remote user interface
EU and FDA compliant inks
  • New EU and FDA compliant 446RD / 4RD006s and 4BL004s / 433BL foodgrade inks offer high contrast codes on brown and white eggs
  • Excellent performance and consistent print quality in addition to 12-month in-printer life 

Thermal Ink Jet –> G-Series|

Where direct coding onto egg cartons is required, our G-Series Thermal Inkjet printers provide a clean, maintenance free and cost effective solution

  • Stand-alone solutions as well as full grader integration enabled
  • excellent character sharpness on a variety of plastic and carton box types
  • increased throw distance allows for variances in the presentation of egg boxes
  • simple label creation, automating variable data field integration with QuickDesign
  • up to 4 out feed lanes can be operated from one controller

Piezo Inkjet –> C-Series|

C-Series Piezo Inkjet printers are a simple and productive solution for high resolution large character coding onto cardboard packaging.

  • Easy integration and operation
  • Remote print heads so the ink base can be stored in a safe location
  • Remote message selection gives increased safety without intervention on production lines
  • Industry leading ink system: large 2l ink containers plus internal reservoir for long production runs, fluid replenishment during operation
  • Perfect codes at fast line speeds
  • Fully GS1 compliant supply chain solutions
  • Barcode validation and print head positioning options guarantee reliable, controlled code quality every time
  • High value - low cost of ownership
  • Robust, stainless steel construction
  • Only 33W power consumption
  • Factory air not required

Outer Case Coding –> C-Series |/ Print & Apply Labelling –> M-Series|

For outer packages when large character coding is required and print and apply labelling to cases and palletsouter packages when large character coding is required.

  • GS1 compliant case and pallet label printing ensuring full supply chain traceability
  • Fast consumable changes and unique pad design to handle multiple label sizes for increased productivity
  • Easy integration into egg grader/packing control system for seamless product changeovers
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