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Postal Systems

Domino's Continuous| and ink jet systems can provide fully flexible postal printing solutions that integrate seamlessly with the world's leading postal sorting systems and feeders. Such technology offers a wide variety of printing solutions that can produce international barcodes, stamp cancellation marks, indicia / franking as well as the postal industry's latest variable printing requirements.

The flexibility of Domino equipment, backed by our close working relationships with key industry Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), ensures that Domino systems are readily deployed on most production lines. With agreements already established with many of the major manufacturers, Domino can provide a complete solution to meet your specific requirements in this sector.

Key Applications

Stamp Cancellation

  • Single jet printers deliver small indelible block marks with date stamp
  • Multi-line text and graphic capabilities can produce images at 120dpi at 2inches high

Re - Addressing

  • On-line application of re-addressing information in real time
  • Reduces need for expensive manual sortation of the mail piece


  • Nude inks that are only visible under UV and LED illuminations
  • Indelible inks that can not be removed without damaging the substrate used for security

Indicia / Franking

  • Capable of printing indicia and digital indicia mark at high speeds onto large and irregular shaped items
  • Variable print to meet local requirements
  • Printing indicia at the same time as the address saves time and reduces cost


If you would like more information about printing systems for postal sorting, please visit our postal division PostJet|.

Key Benefits:

  • Ink jet  printers integrate seamlessly with sortation systems
  • Can produce all industry barcodes including Bar no Bar, Bar Half Bar, 4 State (Including Reed Solomon) and 2 dimensional codes
  • High quality print and reliability enables Domino products to offer the highest read rates in the industry
  • Fast drying inks with excellent adhesion for printing onto poly wrap, paper, card and laminate

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