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Tickets, Tags and Labels

Domino commercial printing systems provide total solutions for ticket, tag and label applications. Integrating with existing web and sheet fed presses, slitter rewinders, folders and handling equipment, Domino solutions provide unrivalled flexibility, speed, consistency and quality for the pharmaceutical| , food| , beverage and games management  industries.

The flexibility of Domino equipment, backed by our close working relationships with key industry OEMs| , ensures that Domino systems are readily deployed on most production lines. With agreements already established with many of the major manufacturers, Domino can provide a complete solution to meet your specific requirements in this sector.

Key Applications



  • System security is ensured through controller verification of codes via camera and  / or scanners
  • Security applications include sheet edge printing of stamps, UV marking of bank notes and numbering of tickets
  • Nude inks that are only visible under UV and LED illumination
  • Indelible inks that cannot be removed without damaging the substrate


  • Fully variable printing means that every item can have unique coding to enable product tracking, inventory control and product recall
  • Print quality complies with EAN 13, EAN 8 and UPC 12/8 barcode applications
  • Items can be tracked by the controller using cameras and scanners
  • Pantone matching spot colour for text and graphics combined with Active Rasterisation™ maximises corporate and brand impact


  • Ink jet codes can be verified by machine and / or camera system
  • Message selection can be personalised according to code
  • Variable printing technology identifies time of manufacture and batch
  • Multiple checksum algorithms can be generated to prevent counterfeiting in the games management industry

Key Benefits:

  • Integration into existing operations utilising Domino  Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) and  Binary   printers and  Editor GT controller
  • High-speed printing that will not slow down production
  • Cost efficient alternative to off-line methods
  • Exceptional ink adhesion onto a variety of substrates including paper, card, laminate and foil
  • K-Series can print standard CMYK spot colours

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