Large Character Printer

Large Character Inkjet Printers for outer case coding

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Alpha Numeric Keypad + LCD
Porous Substrates
No Factory Air Required
Non-Porous Substrates
Range of colors, security and pigmented inks
Designed for Harsh Environments
Multihead printing
Prints in any orienation
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Our reliable, robust and sturdy large character inkjet printers are designed to deliver high productivity and consistent quality in challenging manufacturing environments. Capable of printing onto a wide range of substrates, and boasting a large ink capacity for minimum operator intervention and maximum uptime, our Macrojet 2 and Casecoder printers are the ideal solution for large character inkjet printing. The Macrojet 2 prints in any orientation, and the Type B version can print letters up to a height of 50mm. Up to four print heads can be combined for even greater coverage.

A range of inks can be supplied to suit a wide range of porous and non-porous media, such as metal, concrete, plastics, timber and board. The Casecoder is designed for use on carton taping machines, and like the Macrojet 2, it can also be used with a wide range of inks. Both large character printers allow for inks to be replenished during use, so that there is potentially no downtime for ink changes.

Environmentally friendly outer case coding

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