Introducing the G220i

High speeds and superb quality work together in this innovative i-Tech modular printing system

With the ability to switch quickly between water and ethanol-based inks, our G-Series high-speed, high resolution thermal inkjet printers offer a single solution for printing on both porous and non porous surfaces. Incorporating our innovative i-Tech technology and supporting up to four print heads, the G220i is a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution chosen industry-wide. The modular system not only adapts easily into existing production lines but can grow as your business expands. With up to four print heads, multiple lines of accurate true font code can be produced in any high speed production environment allowing two different messages to be coded, up to 25.4mm height. Alternatively, all four print heads can be stacked together to print 1 code up to 50.8mm high.

G220i-bodyThumbOnei-⁠Tech inks

Reduce operator errors with our i-Tech cartridge's level and ink recognition.

G220i-bodyThumbTwoMultiple print head options

Dual stitched print with faceplate to create large print areas.