Introducing the G320i

High speeds and superb quality work together in this innovative i-Tech modular printing system

Printing at the cutting edge of thermal inkjet technology, the G320i TIJ printer has a four printhead capability for high-quality coding that requires multiple lines. The innovative i-Tech modular system maximizes uptime and removes the need for conventional servicing. Producing true type fonts with up to 600dpi resolution, our G320i TIJ printers are suited to demanding industrial environments. Flexible and able to seamlessly integrate into your existing production line, this modular printer can grow with your future requirements.

Up to four independently operating heads can be controlled from one G320i controller to support different product coding applications. Our G-Series printers operate over a diverse range of applications with excellent adhesion, super-fast dry times and multiple codes such as alphanumeric text, barcodes and 2D datamatrix codes. If your production line requires high definition machine-readable codes for enhanced traceability requirements, the G320i is our most advanced TIJ printer solution.

G320i-bodyThumbOneTrue type fonts

The G320i prints true type fonts to tie in with your branding.

G320i-bodyThumbTwoAlternative print heads available

A low profile head and small footprint enables seamless integration.