Product Focus: Digital Booklet Printing Excellence With Domino’s K630i

  • By Shane Dewar
  • October 27, 2016
  • Digital Printing
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The K630i, Domino’s high-speed digital booklet printing machine, was designed and built with a singular objective in mind: speed that doesn’t come at the cost of quality. But with single vision comes multiple applications: a wide variety of jobs at pace, lightning fast changes on the fly, as well as the ability to make light work of tight deadlines. It all makes the K630i a sound investment for anyone with serious printing businesses who wants to keep costs affordable. 

Your publications, your way

Quality counts – and the K630i was tailor-made for it.

No matter what you’re printing, information is always subject to change at the last minute. Your product can reflect that with the K630i’s ability to accommodate changes on the spin. In an age where consumers expect accurate, up-to-date information across media, print accuracy adds real value and authenticity to the material you’re publishing.

 Domino's K630i high-speed digital booklet printer

Decisions, decisions

The automated digital finishing on the booklets can be completed with minimal waste and zero fuss. With near photorealistic quality and binding choices including glue or wire stitching, and the option to have covers, the ultimate decision in how to craft your product is now in your hands.

From exam papers to legal documents, product manuals to commercial brochures, the K630i is highly proficient at producing a vast range of publications with consistent quality at high speed. As part of an  integrated process, it does everything from printing to binding to cutting, delivering a first rate booklet ready for shipping straight from the solution.

Tight deadline? No problem.

A booklet printing machine with versatility at its core, the K630i is able to handle varying degrees of quality for whatever purpose your business demands. Say you’re publishing thousands of instruction manuals, which don’t require high resolution. You can alternate between variant quality finishes to maximise production speeds, saving your business both time and costs. The K630i can run up to 7,000 booklets in a single hour, making worries over tight deadlines a thing of the past.

Printed booklets

High quality, low costs

Not only adept at saving time, the K630i is also kind to production costs. Offering a total white paper solution, the Kern 100 unwinder delivers web media to the Domino K630i continuous feed monochrome production printing press where the relevant booklet content is printed. The Kern rotary cutter then takes the printed web and supplies individual cut sheets to the in-line IBIS Smart-binder which, depending upon the booklet type, folds and either wire stitches or glues the sheets together.. With a compact footprint, minimal material waste and low-cost consumables, the K630i is a financial asset that rewards ownership. You’ll also need no more than one trained member of staff to operate and maintain the equipment, meaning that personnel issues simply aren’t a problem.

From conception through to the finished product, the K630i high speed variable-pagination Digital Booklet Printing Solution delivers for both you and your customers.

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