Unique Product Identification for the Tobacco Industry

Many countries are implementing Track and Trace legislation that requires UPI codes at each packaging level. Is your business ready for this?

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The importance of UPI for Track and Trace

It is estimated that approximately 10 to 12% of the global cigarette market could be illicit trade. This implies billions of dollars in tax evasion, but more importantly, it undermines legitimate business and exposes consumers to risky, unregulated products. Track & Trace systems are essential to control the whole journey from growers to final retailers. Adding codes to uniquely identify packs, bundles, cartons and master cases enables manufacturers and authorities to localise and track them at any step of this process. UPI allows Track and Trace systems to create a barrier to illicit trade and mitigates the risks that it implies. Domino has worked with Tobacco manufacturers, legislators, and machinery manufacturers to develop a solution for each level of packaging.

1st Level

Domino is the largest supplier of laser coding systems to the tobacco industry. Laser coding is the default technology choice for this application due its quality, speed & cleanliness.


2nd Level

Domino can supply either print & apply labelling for bundles or thermal inkjet technology for cartons, both technologies being highly proven for serialisation applications.


3rd Level

Domino has a range of print & apply solutions for master cases and can handle various label configurations such as corner wrap or adjacent face.


4th Level

Domino has highly-flexible print & apply solutions for any pallet labelling applications, that come pre-tested with automated applicators.

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What countries are requesting UPI codes on tobacco products?

World governments and bodies like the World Health Organisation have reacted to illicit trade with initiatives like the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products and the EU Tobacco Product Directive that aim to protect both manufacturers and consumers. These Track and Trace protection systems affect every product manufactured, exported or imported to the adopter countries. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was signed by 168 countries and is legally binding in 181 countries. This means that, in the near future, any pack, carton, bundle or case may need to be marked with UPI codes in almost every country in the world. Is your company ready for these changes?


Bespoke solutions for tobacco applications


Vision Control Systems

Domino offers a choice to customers of two highly advanced VCS options for UPI cigarette pack code verification, one based on Cognex cameras, the other on Omron.


Coding Station

The ultimate Track and Trace solution for either hard or soft packs. An all-in-one ‘drop in solution’ that removes the risk of poor product handling, critical for a successful UPI coding result.


Ancillary items

A range of bespoke application parts such as laser guards & brackets has been developed in co-operation with manufacturers & OEM’s over the years.


Unique Product Identification won't be a challenge any more

Remove the hassle from adapting your lines for UPI with Domino. Our sector specialists – many of them recognised internationally for their expertise- have a profound understanding of your business' needs. They'll provide consistent, expert advice and support throughout all the process.

Partnering with Domino delivers much more than coding: it means productivity, compliance and confidence – without compromise. Contact us to talk about your UPI needs, to request a sample or to share any query you may have.