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Non-Contact Printing Technology
Text, Barcodes & Graphic coding
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Why use Continuous Inkjets?

Whether you need three lines of code, or up to five, our A-⁠Series GP range create multiple lines of code across a wide range of print formats, and consumables costs are kept low with our advanced ink system. The benchmark against which all other printers are measured, the A-⁠Series GP range is capable of high performance on even the fastest production lines, and is renowned for their ease of use, allowing many millions of characters to be printed from just a litre of ink. With high IP ratings, you get high performance and reliability at great value.

Quite simply, Continuous Inkjet technology is by far the best option for coding application. It is fast, durable, easy to operate, simple to install and, best of all, is extremely versatile: it can print on virtually any surface. And as we are the undisputed leaders in Continuous Inkjet coding and printers -⁠ having set the industry standard for quality, reliability and versatility for over 30 years -⁠ we can provide a printing solution that's exactly right for your needs.

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