Domino launches L100i Thermal Ink Jet Printer for high quality VDP at drupa 2012

  • By Domino Printech
  • May 03, 2012
  • Digital Printing
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Domino Printing Sciences will be expanding its L-Series range of thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers with the launch of the L100i at drupa 2012. Packaged with a host of new i-Techintelligent Technology smart features to maximise productivity, and with the added flexibility of its single print head design, the new L100i integrates easily into web presses, mail bases, envelope inserters and folders for simple variable data print applications where high quality print is required. These range from simple back numbering of pharmaceutical labels, catalogues and magazine addressing, 2D code and barcode printing for traceability to applications requiring graphics and targeted personalisation.

The single print head modular design of the L100i offers total flexibility for the user, and is fully scalable to enable further print heads to be added to accommodate a host of print positions and applications. The new L100i complements the existing wider print format L400i offering, and also includes a range of new enhancements designed to improve operational efficiency and enable the use of faster drying inks.

Each individual print head provides a print swathe of 12.5mm (0.5”), which can be expanded by adding or stitching up to eight separately controlled print heads. If further width is required, up to 32 print heads can be daisy-chained together. Flexibility of the L100i is further enhanced by the orientation of the individual print heads which can be configured at 90º allowing for different web output directions for more demanding print.

The L100i utilises the latest thermal ink jet print head technology, generating smaller 24pl. size droplets that result in less obvious ink bleed, therefore producing a sharper, more refined print image. The typically 20% smaller droplet size combined with the reliable bulk ink supply option also significantly reduces consumable costs compared to most other thermal ink jet printer offerings. Furthermore, its i-Tech twin print nozzle DuoJet technology maintains optimum print quality and eliminates downtime. Should a print nozzle become blocked, the unique overlapping of the two nozzles on the DuoJet print head ensures that there is no ‘white line’ and the quality of the printed output remains intact and readable.

The L100i benefits from a range of aqueous inks designed specifically for different applications. These inks, which require no special handling, come in easy recyclable ‘no-touch’ ink cartridges that are quickly interchangeable or supplied from a 400ml bulk ink tank allowing for up to 400 uninterrupted hours of operation for higher volume printing. Where customers require high volumes of general purpose black ink complemented by specialised inks and spot colours, the L100i offers interchangeable disposable and bulk ink cartridges providing ultimate flexibility whilst minimising operating costs for longer run lengths.

The L100i can be controlled by the Windows-based industry standard FlexMail™ thermal ink jet printer controller, which has a simple user interface and includes database configuration tools to allow for rapid set up. For more advanced applications requiring the management of multiple Domino printers as well as product tracking and verification, the L100i can also be managed by Domino’s mainstay Editor™ GT Windows- based controller.

“This latest edition to the L-Series range continues to underline Domino’s commitment to providing ever more flexible and cost effective solutions for the commercial print and mailing industries. The scalable single print head design of the L100i, combined with the latest smart features and the simplicity of thermal ink jet cartridge technology should be the first choice solution for many VDP requirements,” comments Philip Easton, Director of Domino’s Digital Printing Solutions. “Adding this to our other thermal, continuous, binary and piezo ink jet technology offerings means that Domino not only has the widest range of solutions available, but we also have the best in class product in every technology group ”

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