Domino Launches New Variants To Increase Functionality Of Its A-Series I-Tech Range

  • By Domino Printech
  • November 19, 2012
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Domino Printing Sciences will be showing the latest variants to its A-Series i-Tech range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) coding solutions on its stand (Hall4/D121) at Emballage. The new variants, which are all available for the A420i model, make the A-Series even more adaptable to a wider range of applications and challenging production environments. The new products on display include a variety of specially designed print heads developed to suit a host of applications, an extended 6 metre conduit for easier integration and a high performance, fast drying black ink - the 2BK024 – for low energy plastics.

Visitors to Emballage will see a range of A420i print heads to suit a number of different applications and production environments. These include 90-degree angled print heads and a longer 6 metre flexible conduit to enable integration of the print heads into the most awkward and limited spaces within the production line. Also on display will be the ‘Pinpoint’ print head for precision coding and a special twin jet ‘Duo’ variant for high speed, high volume applications.

A-Series Pinpoint

The A420i Pinpoint delivers micro-print as small as 0.8mm in height onto very small components making it ideal for applications where codes must be both discreet and of high quality, such as the electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive parts and cosmetics and personal care sectors.

A-Series Duo

Where modern production lines require the delivery of multiple codes at very high speeds, Domino’s new A420i Duo print head offers the capability to produce multiple lines of text at high production speeds. Its special twin jet print head and new compact gunbody are designed to meet the requirements of high output production environments such as canning and beverage applications.

2BK024 Black Ink

Adding further to the capabilities of the A420i is Domino’s new fast drying, high performance 2BK024 black ink. Developed for use on a wide range of low surface energy plastics substrates, the composition of the 2BK024 ink provides high adhesion properties onto polypropylene, thermo plastic olefins (including BOPP, OPP), PET, polyethylenes (including HDPE and LDPE) as well as an increasingly varied range of multi-layer flexible packaging materials.

Domino’s A-series range of CIJ coding solutions comprise the A320i and A420i models both of which incorporate the latest array of i-Tech intelligent Technology production enhancing features. Integral within the two models, these smart features deliver tangible production benefits to maximise output by eliminating preventative maintenance which reduces costs, simplifies production lines and increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The increased application fit of the A420i now provides the most comprehensive and versatile offering of new specialist and custom inks that have been designed to optimise performance in the most demanding of applications. These include washable and moisture resistant inks for the beverage sector, thermochromic ‘colour changing’ inks for the food canning industry, inks with high adhesion and anti-abrasion properties for PP and PE surfaces as well as fully compliant specialist inks for the food and healthcare industries.

Nick Plaister, CIJ Director at Domino Printing Sciences comments, “Being able to deliver quality coding to meet the ever-increasing demands and production speeds of product manufacturers is a key driver for Domino to maintain our commitment to ongoing product enhancement. These latest variants to the A420i model further extends the capabilities of the A-Series range in terms of delivering quality output within a host of challenging production environments, while the integral i-Tech productivity enhancing features bring real operational benefits to the manufacturers.”

The A320i and A420i are simple to integrate into complex and challenging environments thanks to a wide range of input/output (I/O) options while its GAMP5-compliant security management provides simple control of who accesses the printer and at what level.

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