Introducing the G130i

High speeds and superb quality combine in this innovative i-Tech modular printing system

Ideally suited to industrial environments, the G130i provides the perfect combination of high resolution and high speed printing. Supporting two print heads, either working independently or together to increase print height, the G130i can easily integrate within your production line. The innovative i-Tech modular system will save you time and money by increasing efficiency, with the ability to provide zero downtime when an empty cartridge requires replacement. Operating over a diverse range of applications, with no requirement for maintenance, means a very low cost of ownership compared to traditional coding and marking solutions. Our inks offer excellent adhesion and super fast dry times, enabling multiple codes such as alphanumeric text and barcodes to be printed on a variety of substrates. Overall, this superb and highly intelligent modular system is the printing solution you need when speed and quality are essential.

G130i-bodyThumbOnei-⁠Tech inks

Reduce operator errors with our i-Tech cartridge's level and ink recognition.

G130i-code-140x80Code versatility

Ideal for machine readable and human readable codes.