Meet Rebecca and what "less is more" means to her

Rebecca turned to Domino ink jet printers to deliver greater efficiency and less waste

Rebecca put her trust in Domino to reduce downtime from unreliable ink jet codes. Mission accomplished

So you can imagine the headaches when an inkjet printer goes down. With downtime, products don’t get out the door. Supply chains grind to a halt. Revenue is lost. 

But since implementing Domino inkjet printers, Rebecca has significantly reduced waste and printer downtime, spending more time planning and not reacting. And with Domino support tools and support programs at the ready, there’s no issue that Rebecca can’t solve.

What makes the Domino Ax-Series ink jet solutions so different? Because the system is designed by customers, and engineered by Domino. The way we think about it, if you want to improve your products, listen to your customers. So we did. We learned from your coding experiences and studied the regulatory, environmental and supply chain pressures you face. And then we deconstructed continuous ink jet as we’ve known it for the past four decades – before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost effective process. And in the short time that Rebecca has had these units, she could not agree more.

Less risk. More uptime

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