Meet Steve and what "less is more" means to him

Steve has the peace of mind he is compliant in his serialization efforts

Steve works with Domino to support his serialization needs, while driving less risk to his operations

For his blister pack lines, Steve integrated both a Domino laser for a reliable, accurate, repeatable 2D code.  Further, helping  to ensure compliance, and stay in control of his package messaging from product to pallet, right from the factory floor, Steve worked with Domino to automate that process. He implemented a fully scalable solution to suit his production line and effectively managing data simply with a touch screen PC interface, and now creates accurate labels from a built-in product table. Domino helped him every step of the way.

Partnered with Domino, Steve has designed and implemented a serialization solution that’s compliant, efficient, on-time and on-budget.

Which means Steve spends less time troubleshooting coding errors and more time basking in the success of a well-run marking line.

Less risk. More compliance.

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