Meet Victoria and what "less is more" means to her

Victoria enlisted the help of Domino to automate her labeling process, and reduced her ongoing production headaches as a result

Victoria chose Domino for an accurate, reliable and repeatable labeling solution

In the past, the labels in Victoria's manufacturing site were applied by hand and were prone to all kinds of problems: As you can imagine, it was slow moving, expensive, and always hard to find and train labor.

But since partnering with Domino, Victoria’s job has been a whole lot easier. Labels are applied directly, and accurately, to packaging with an automated Domino label print and apply machine. With consistently placed, error-free labels on cases and pallets, Victoria has lowered operating costs and eliminated a lot of headaches.

How does it work for Victoria and her team? So glad you asked! Labels are applied and scanned in a single, sweeping motion, perpendicular to the pallet, eliminating the chance of the swing arms getting caught in stretch wrap, resulting in higher reliability and more effective label placement.

Plus, because its automated the Domino print-and-apply labeling solutions reduce accidents associated with manual processes, keeping her line safe, and the supply chain moving.

Less headaches. More efficiencies.

Click on the video on the left to find out why the Domino labeling solutions bring less risk and greater reward. 

The world is changing – and Victoria, with Domino's help,  is changing with it by implementing reliable, innovative automation.