The Gx350i is great for fast paced production and track & trace applications; easy to operate, easy to integrate for clean, clear, codes

Thermal Inkjet Expert
Meet Dave

Dave Featherston

TTO, TIJ Product Marketing Manager

Domino Gx350i Touchscreen User Interface Gx350i

The Gx350i in 20 seconds - Watch this short introduction

Domino Gx350i Printhead Gx-Series print heads

Small and versatile with LED status signals and automatic cartridge configuration

Welcome to the next level. If you're in need of a truly innovative thermal inkjet, the Gx350i TIJ is your answer. Given the success of the outgoing G-Series, the experts in the Domino North America labs had to follow it up with something special.

This innovative thermal inkjet printer is our coding specialist for your multi-print head operation, fast data transfer and challenging controller (IP64 rated) environments. Whether you're in healthcare, pharmaceutical, beverage, food or another FMCG industry, the Gx350i should be on your radar for multi-print head applications.

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Our product engineers built the 350i with your specific needs in mind. Thanks to flexible mounting positions and small print heads, our Gx Series industrial coder will integrate into your line quickly and easily to limit downtime. Plus, with a large, intuitive 10-inch touchscreen interface, this printer will have your staff trained for error-free operation in no time. Plus, even with all of the bells and whistles, it still uses the tried and true inkjet technology that you know and love.

In addition, the Gx350i is fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards using the Domino Cloud centralized interface. Our Domino Cloud allows for fast, error-free remote capability, providing the data and tools to ensure better packaging and processing systems management.

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Industry 4.0 Capable

  • Small footprint: easy print head integration and remote controller mounting
  • Print speeds up to 300m/min keep up with fast-paced production
  • Item level serialization via Dynamark protocol: 21CFR Part 11 compliant, audit trail with comprehensive user administration, validation documentation available

Easy to operate

  • Easy printer operation and monitoring using the touch screen or via a web browser
  • Automatic cartridge recognition and ink parameter setting
  • AutoSwap automatic cartridge swap feature for uninterrupted production
  • Operate 4 print heads from one controller for label height up to 50.8mm or multiple individual applications

Clean. Clear. Coding.

  • Graphic printing quality on paper, card, plastic, metal and other materials
  • Flexible label design: text, counters, clocks, graphics, logos, barcodes can all be included on the same label
  • Grade A code readability (ISO 15415) using Domino's inks on high-density data matrix codes

Unrivaled Product Support

  • We know times are tough, with Relax flexible leasing, you can spread out payments for up to 7 Years
  • Keep running costs low and lock in industrial printer Service Expenses for up to 7 years with our SafeGuard extended warranty
  • Minimize product support downtime and get unmatched product service from trusted Domino North America experts with onsite and Cloud remote service