WEBINAR: How to successfully print and grade barcodes to comply with global UDI requirements

  • June 09, 2022
  • Life Sciences
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Ian Chapman, Domino's Strategic Manager for Digital Coding, will join host company Dupont, manufacturer of Tyvek® in this webinar to discuss global UDI requirements and how to print and grade barcodes to comply. The full panel will be composed also of other healthcare experts from Dupont and Omron as listed below. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about this crucial subject for the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector directly from the experts.


Jennifer Benolken - Dupont


  • Ian Chapman - Domino Printing
  • Nicole Kaller - Dupont
  • Nancy Zhu - Dupont
  • Vishnu Vyas - Dupont
  • Benjamin Hawks - Omron Automation
  • Ray Vaughan - Omron Automation

The webinar takes place June 21 at 9 am EDT. Register HERE to save your spot.

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