Introducing the A320i

With the intelligence to manage itself, the A320i makes coding simpler

Quite simply, the A320i is designed to make your life easier. Its i-⁠Tech ink system means that only the consumables need to be replaced to maintain optimum performance. Changing the i-⁠Tech Module, which sits at the heart of the system, is a job that anyone can do in less than 10 minutes: it's the only service this hard-⁠working and reliable machine requires. So not only do you save time, you also save ink – and the printer stays on for longer. In all, it's a continuation of our long-⁠standing experience of developing coders that help to ensure your line operating stays at its most efficient.

i-⁠Tech inks

Our i-⁠Tech ink system is low consumption and service free.

Range i-⁠Tech print heads

We have a range of printheads for any application, right across your production line.