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F-Series i-Tech 
Maximising performance,
extending possibilities
Fibre Laser  
F220i small 250-250

High performance F220i fibre laser machine

With the F220i fibre laser system you can permanently mark a wide range of materials, such as metal, plastics and flexible packaging with the utmost precision. It can produce unlimited lines of texts, graphics and is ideal for 2D data matrix codes. The F220i is equally suited for static/intermittent coding and “mark-on-the-fly” applications.

Domino’s F220i fibre laser coder (20W) is second to none for achieving crisp, sharp codes. The combination of very fine spot and high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW ensures that your products are marked with utmost precision. This fibre laser machine makes it easy to engrave metals and micro process harder materials but equally the F220i is fine enough to achieve a more delicate touch.

With the help of its unique capability to tailor the waveforms specifically to your application requirements it is now possible to achieve better contrast and code quality on your packaging materials.

As with all laser systems the F220i offers 21 CFR part 11, GAMP compliance and validation packages for our pharmaceutical customers.

Fibre laser efficiencies

‘Built to last’ is the motto for all Domino laser systems. The F220i combines robustness with very long life of the fibre ensuring high productivity. It is economic, efficient and resource-saving not only because planned maintenance routines are not necessary but also because it does not produce any heat and thus ensures a gentle operation and long life.

High flexibility – for quick and smart installations

The F220i fibre laser is the most compact when it comes to overall dimensions – so you can benefit from optimum footprint when it comes to integrating the laser into your production environment. It incorporates the flexible i-Tech scan head that can be rotated in multiple directions and the integrated mounting rails making it easy to install the laser even where space is limited.
Key Benefits
  • High coding accuracy, crisp and sharp codes on metals, plastics and flexible packaging
  • Adjustable waveform can tailored to specific application requirements
  • Very fine spot for utmost precision, ideal for static and mark-on-the-fly applications
  • Compact sizing and flexible integration options
  • Very long expected laser life of approx. 100,000 hrs
  • Lasting performance without planned maintenance routines ensuring high uptime








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