Charles Bryan


Charles Bryan is National Accounts Manager for Domino in the UK

Articles from Charles Bryan

How to resolve the 8 deadly sins of Lean Manufacturing for industrial printing and coding

The lean manufacturing model has been a tried and true system in supply chains across the world for the larger part of 40 years. And while the principles are usually applied to manufacturing at large, we can still apply them to our printing and coding operations to ensure they are efficient, hassle-free and cost-effective. Let's Go!


Automatic Print Inspection: Why Every Manufacturer Should Consider It

The efficacy of your coding operations can make or break your business. Automatic print inspection brings consistency, speed, and accuracy to your codes, slashing the risk of illegible codes and false rejections. To learn more about why manufacturers should consider automatic print inspection, read our blog.


Can an Industry 4.0 enabled printer really benefit FMCG manufacturing sites?

You have most likely seen myriad broad brush articles, eulogizing the arrival of Industry 4.0. But what does it actually mean for busy engineers and production managers in FMCG sectors like food and beverage? Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits a connected site will bring to your packaging and processing operations.