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Boost production with Automation & Integration's IIoT Principles

Reduce Operator Error with Domino Automation & Integration

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You’ve heard of Industry 4.0, but what can it really do for your operation?

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Streamline Operations
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

Domino’s automation solutions prevent human errors and eliminate production stops, rework, missed deadlines, traceability challenges and associated costs.

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Production Stops

Eliminate Production Stops from Coding Errors

Meet Deadlines

Consistently Meet Deadlines & Production Quotas

Prevent Waste

Prevent Product Waste & Rework

Limit Corporate Liability

Limit Corporate Liability from Product Recalls

Four Automation Applications to Prevent Errors

Based on decades of onsite visits to manufacturing sites, Domino's engineers understand your challenges. With the help of our QuickDesign software offerings, we have developed four specific solutions to resolve these inefficiencies.

Barcode Scan & Lookup

With Barcode Scan & Lookup, product can be automatically scanned and appropriate printing can take place without intervention – and without human error.

QuickDesign DataLink

With QuickDesign DataLink, product codes and labels can be populated from a centralized database. By designing from templates, it reduces the number of labels to the minimum, with all variables populated from the database itself.

ERP Integration from QuickDesign Unite

Cut down on touchpoints and fully automate your manufacturing process with QuickDesign Unite software from Domino. QuickDesign Unite combines your Database, ERP, SCADA and Internal Processes to provide workflow integration and automation.

Group Printing

Mislabeled Packages can cause product recalls and unwanted publicity for businesses. Eliminate the issue with Domino’s Group Printing. In this solution, one code can be created and passed to the rest of the connected industrial printers in the process. This ensures the correct message gets applied to the correct place on the correct product – without manual intervention.

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What can Automation & Integration get you?

Industrial Automation Expert
Meet Adem

Adem Kulauzovic

Through Automation and Quickdesign, your company can reduce product label designs, saving money on the bottom line. With our QuickDesign solutions, a single operator can create a catalog of labels on the fly from a centralized, network-friendly connection, ensuring the ability to populate and push labels through to several industrial printers – all without manual intervention.

You don’t need to know the code and proprietary controls – that’s our job. We’re just giving you the tools to save manpower, resources and ensure peak performance.

"Ultimately, whether we like it or not, human error is to be expected. ... In highly-regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical industry and food production, a seemingly innocuous error can be especially costly, or, in the worst case scenario, dangerous."
- Adem Kulauzovic

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