You filter your water; you filter the air in your home; shouldn't you keep your industrial printer happy and healthy in the exact same manner? Industrial printers are constantly fighting against contaminants including colorant particles, gels and input impurities - all threatening your printer's quality. Keep your printer healthy with Domino's patented Labyrinth™ filter. 

With up to 10 times the filter surface, the Labyrinth™ is capable of capturing up to 20x more particles than other printer filters. Surface area isn't the only attribute that sets the Labyrinth™ apart - it can also stand up to real world wear and tear for longer thanks to equalization plates for even distribution of airflow and particles.

Our equalization plate design gives these filters extremely long filter lives, cutting down on filter changes for the DPC and less overall cost for your laser application. For more information about the Labyrinth™ or any of our other Printer Consumables and what they can do for you, contact one of our representatives.