Laser marking equipment designed to fit in limited spaces and integrating into a variety of production lines

CO2 Laser Marking Expert
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Jon Hall

Domino D620i D-Series Laser Coder Touch Panel Touch Panel

Position our remote TouchPanel away from the coding to suit your production line.

Domino D320i with QuickStep Mount

Flexible laser positioning including vertical mounting for a smaller footprint .

The compact D320i laser marking machine delivers improved performance and multiple lines of text at 1,500 characters per second. Sitting in the middle of the D-Series lineup, the 320i is capable of 30 watts of power, improving upon the D120i's 10 watts.

With the smaller, adjustable i-Tech scan head, flexible connectivity and familiar interface, this dynamic machine is used in diverse packaging and processing lines, from state-of-the-art beverage fillers to toughened glass production.

The D320i is professionally installed with the help of Domino's project team. This kind of white glove professional installation is just one of the things that sets Domino North America apart from the rest of the coding and marking industry.

Superior speeds, superior durability, superior laser coder

Custom-engineered to stand up to the real-world conditions of everything from large factory-level conditions to small craft beer brewers, versatility is one of the D-Series' strengths. Our laser marking equipment is able to print at high line speeds, ensuring that your facility is able to hit production deadlines. This is achieved through features such as our patented, optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.

With a small form factor capable of fitting into most any production line, the D320i is an excellent option. In addition, it is also ideal for real-world, harsh factory environments thanks to its IP65 rating.

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