Introducing the F520i Fiber Laser

High-quality, abrasion-resistant marking on foils, metals and sturdy plastics

Want to take your coding operation to the next level? Of course you do. Have you given lasers a chance? After all, if it's good enough for just about every science fiction hero, it's good enough for your factory. 

Welcome to the F520i Fiber Laser Coder. Meet your line's new answer to high-quality coding and marking. How can we be so confident? Well, we've done the research

So much more than just the middle range in the indelible Domino Amjet F-Series of high-performance, high-speed fiber lasers, the F520i is a reliable and efficient laser coding solution. When a large number of high contrast characters need to be coded, the 50-watt F520i is the first choice for manufacturers across the food, beverage, electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

While its bigger brother has honed in on the beverage sector, the F520i is the utility player in the F-Series lineup, hitting the sweet spot in several different sectors. Our 520 is specifically designed for high-quality, abrasion-resistant marking on foils, metals and sturdy plastics.

Here's what you can do with this incredible piece of machinery:

  • Code more content with clean and clear indelible marking with high contrast.
  • Ensure stable laser performance in your environment.
  • Protect your brand and create marketing possibilities.
  • A new-design cooling system optimizes Total Cost of Ownership with low energy consumption.
F520i Fiber LaserF520i Fiber Laser

Coding large amounts of high contrast characters