Thermal Inkjet Printing

Increase uptime with our easy to use, high-resolution thermal inkjet printers

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Feature comparison

Max print height 12.7mm/ 0.5” 25.4mm 25.4mm 50.8mm 50.8mm
Line speed G20i for use at constant line speed up to 300m a minute up to 300m a minute up to 300m a minute up to 300m a minute
Max number of heads 1 embedded print head 2 2 4 4
Print Groups (Enables different messages per printhead) 2 2 4 4
Hi resolution print
Multiple head stitching
Solvent and Aqueaous inks
Primary coding
Outer case coding
Non contact printing
High Speed serialization
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Why use Thermal Injket Printers?

Designed for use on some of the most challenging substrates, our intelligent, high resolution modular G-Series Thermal Inkjet Printers are simple to deploy, maintain and ultimately, use every day on your production line. From the 150i to the OEM, your production line will be, well, the top of the line.

Extremely versatile, TIJ is able to be deployed in food, life sciences and industrial environments, our i-Tech thermal inkjet printing range is able to produce high quality codes and maximum uptime - even on some of the fastest production lines. This technology is capable of printing a wide range of codes at speeds of up to 300m/min including TrueType, alphanumeric text, batch codes, barcodes and 2D datamatrix codes.

When cleaner, higher speed inkjet printing is of the essence, our thermal inkjet printing machines are the perfect answer. Produce TrueType fonts on a variety of surfaces (such as flat packaging including sleeves, cartons, skillets, wrappers and shelf-ready packaging) at higher speeds. Coupled with Domino Amjet's range of specialist TIJ inks, our G-Series industrial printers provide unparalleled adhesion and dry times. 

Low Cost, Low Upkeep

With little to no maintenance requirements, our thermal inkjet printers also mean greater efficiency, while still ensuring low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Versatile and reliable, our G-Series range of high resolution inkjet printers can cope with a wide variety of packaging materials, including both porous and non-porous surfaces. Easy to integrate into existing packaging machinery and production lines, as well as being simple to operate, our specifically designed OEM control board can be installed seamlessly. This allows you to deliver enhanced serialization and traceability requirements at the push of a button.

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