Introducing the M230i-TB Tamp-Blow

Contactless labeling on the top, side or bottom of your product or packaging

Domino's M230i-TB is designed for applications where you need a fast and flexible print and apply system for non-contact labeling. Our tamp-blow solution is the latest addition to our unrivaled Pallet Labeling selection and is perfect for deployment in beverage, food and pharmaceutical where safety is paramount to product delivery. 

Providing a range of options in stroke length and label size, our M230i is highly configurable to meet your exact requirements. In addition to its impressive label application accuracy and speed, its usage of the standard tamp allows for printing and applying labels on various wraps or direct corrugate, making it an extremely versatile option for your secondary packaging line.

Peerless Durability & Product Support

Domino Amjet's Tamp-Blow PALM solution is well-known for its decade-plus service life. Our M230i-TB can promise such a high operating life thanks to fewer moving parts. In addition, its usage of the standard Tamp allows for higher precision and fewer labeling failures in real-world factory environments.

We offer genuine Domino consumables for total peace of mind. Developed especially for our Print & Apply equipment, they will maximize the print quality and reduce unplanned downtime.

With scheduled deliveries through Domino’s SafeSupply, we ensure that you are using genuine consumables, without costly last-minute rushed orders, as well as fixed longer-term pricing for financial planning. For more information about our M230i-TB, contact one of our knowledgeable product reps anytime.  

DominoLonger uptime for maximum productivity

Engineered with system intelligence, M230i-TB delivers increased production uptime.

M-Series TouchPanelOperator usability at its best

Domino's ultra-intuitive interface, easy navigation and tool-free daily operation ensures an unrivaled user experience and maximum runtime.