The budget-friendly, advanced thermal transfer coder for small, high quality product codes

Thermal Transfer Expert
Meet Dave

Dave Featherston

Code from TTO on Flexible Film ​High quality coding

Human readable codes, barcodes and images at 300dpi resolution on a variety of substrates.

TTO Ribbon Coding Efficient ribbon economy

Use less ribbon per print – without affecting overall print quality.

If you're considering updating the TTOs in your facility, the V120i should be on your radar. This Thermal Transfer unit from Domino North America strikes the perfect balance between cost and performance in the TTO arena. This V-Series Thermal Transfer Overprinting offering is Domino's cost-attractive, advanced solution for small, yet high-quality product codes.

It can serve as the perfect option for companies looking to make the jump to digital real-time coding from traditional hot stamp and roller coders for the first time. Our Thermal Transfer Coders can provide superior print quality against aging printer technology, along with improved profitability from lower running costs.

If you're looking for an adaptable printer for flexible packaging (such as pouches, wrappers, labels, sachets, stick packs, bags) Domino's V120i is a popular, battle-tested printer.

Unmatched Product Support

With Domino's unrivaled i-Tech Ribbon Drive, you'll use up to 60% less ribbon. Add to this the fact it's easy to install (especially when replacing old TTO technology using Domino's special adapter brackets), is reliable, versatile and comes with our renowned global support - sometimes, even without our techs setting foot into your factory.

In the V120i, your organization gets the total package - an excellent coder that you can trust for years to come. For information about the V120i or any other V-Series Coder, contact Domino North America today so you can Fire Up the V-Series on your line!