Domino’s in-house financing service, Relax, makes it quick and easy to get the latest printing technology to help your business grow.

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How would you use your capital if you didn't have to buy printers?

RELAX saves capital costs and drives efficiencies, allowing you to place focus and resources on other important opportunities and challenges within your operations. Because you always have new coding, marking and labeling equipment, you minimize the headaches associated with aging equipment, including expensive labor to maintain older machines.

Get new coders and labelers today and use your capital for other needs in your production facility!

How it works

Interested in Domino digital presses for variable printing?

Domino Relax and other financing options are available, allowing you to pay for your press over time, capturing revenue at the same time.

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Production Stops

Eliminate Production Stops from Coding Errors

Meet Deadlines

Consistently Meet Deadlines & Production Quotas

Prevent Waste

Prevent Product Waste & Rework

Limit Corporate Liability

Limit Corporate Liability from Product Recalls

Domino Relax Offers Complete Cost Predictability

For years, Domino Relax rental agreements have helped manufacturers of all sizes take the worry and stress out of marking their products with required traceability codes. Domino customers are benefiting from:

  • Flexible and predictable payment installations
  • Full-service support
  • Fixed costs for a given production volume
  • Scheduled deliveries of Domino consumables, if desired
  • Discount on training

Want to learn about how Domino is shaping IIoT in Coding & Marking?


Why use Domino Relax?


Payment plans that are designed to suit your needs​.

Pay monthly or quarterly over 3–7 years.


Keep capital in your business​.

Improve cash flow.

Help you business grow.


Budget-friendly approach to newer systems’ bringing greater efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved productivity​.


The Relax program is designed to make your production experience simple, offering predictability to all your business costs.

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