"We want to make sure that you make the most of your printers and achieve the print quality, productivity and reliability that your application demands. So, training is an important part of the Domino service offering.Whether your role is in operating the printer, or looking after factory equipment, our training will equip you to do a better job."

The Group Training Academy was formed in August 2007 as a central point of contact for all technical training requirements. The focus has remained on technical training for our customers, including Operator, Technical Operator and Maintenance professionals. In 2010 we started to use WebEx as a method of delivering short training courses to individuals which allowed them freedom to connect to the training from any location, without the need to travel. This type of online training is particularly suited to short 2hr sessions. From late 2015 we began to facilitate Lifesize cloud on either a Conference system or PC. We have also started to introduce eLearning into our support for end customers focusing on the key Operator tasks.