Domino partners with CIMS Data Solutions to develop a unique Pipe Coding Solution

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According to the American Gas Association, it is estimated that the US Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure is comprised of: 2.2 million miles of distribution, and 300,000 miles of transmission. This equates to 2.5 million miles of Natural Gas Piping in the U.S.A.

There has been no way to identify the pipe used in the creation of these networks and very little information regarding these gas distribution networks collected....until now!

Dominos and CIMS Data Solutions has come together to create and deliver to pipe manufacturers, a system of marking the pipe, by printing directly onto the pipe at intervals of approximately 3 feet, unique barcodes containing the pertinent data for the utilities.

The full solution (to be known as PEP Trax) for the utilities consists of 4 components:

a. Barcode marking HDPE pipe during manufacturing (as per ASTM specifications)

b. Collecting the pipe data being used in the field at each installation, including location data

c. Posting in real-time via wireless communications, the above data

d. Providing the data (and related data services) to each utility ultimately owning the pipe


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