See why Frozen Bean trusts Domino’s V320i for their flexible packaging coding

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“International law is changing in countries like Saudi Arabia and India and other Middle East countries as well. We’re no longer allowed to put labels on the bags, so now we have to print directly onto the bag itself. When we initially were approached with this issue by our customers, we did a lot of research.” John Bae, President and CEO of Frozen Bean Incorporated

“We can’t sit here and worry about a printer going out on us. So, with Domino that does not happen.”

John Bae, President and CEO of Frozen Bean Incorporated

Frozen Bean is a leading manufacturer of beverage mixes, exporting to over 40 countries globally, with 70% of their business conducted overseas. The company provide an extensive range of ice-blended coffees and drinks to food service retailers, as well as to some of the largest coffee houses in the world. Constantly researching and developing new flavors, Frozen Bean ensure their customers always receive on-trend, high quality products that taste fantastic.

Different Nations, Different Laws

Exporting their beverage mixes globally means Frozen Bean must adhere to stringent international food safety laws, so when customers in Saudi Arabia, India and other middle eastern countries advised that food labeling regulations were changing, Frozen Bean had to be agile and quick to respond. The new regulations required manufacturers to print full product details - such as ingredients and nutritional information directly onto packaging, as opposed to printing onto and applying labels.

To ensure they continued to comply, Frozen Bean needed to source new flexible coding technology with the ability to print different information directly onto both sides of their flexible bags and foil pouches, as well as accommodating over 300 SKUs. The solution also needed to stand up to an environment where sugary powders were being produced, without impacting the speed of the continuous production line.

Frozen Bean’s Plant Manager had previously worked with Domino and recommended them for their reliability, quality and service. After thoroughly evaluating all alternatives, Frozen Bean decided to progress with Domino and sourced two V320i 128mm Thermal Transfer printers, along with QuickDesign Lite Software, to provide reliable coding onto their flexible bags and foil pouches.

Customized installation reduces downtime during transition

Domino has built an excellent reputation for their portfolio of coding solutions and for delivering the best service. From initial consulting, through commissioning to service and support, the expertise of Domino’s employees ensures that Domino match the specific coding needs of a multitude of diverse companies, as well as proving to be a reliable partner.

“So if anybody were to ask me about Domino, I’d let them know that how the reliability and the customer service is great and, if they wanted to visit us and see the machine working in our plant, then they would see that it works in all different environments and how consistent and how durable this equipment is. I’d open up our doors for that.” John Bae


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