Introducing the D120i

Big performance in a small and dynamic package

One of the major benefits of the fast and high performing D120i laser printer is that it can fit into even the smallest spaces, allowing for easy integration within your existing production line. Its new i-Tech scan head is the fastest of its kind and is both small and adjustable, while its flexible connectivity and familiar interface make it possible to control the system from anywhere. Easy to install due to separate components within the i-Tech Module design, it delivers improved performance and high line speeds through our patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology. Highly efficient and producing unlimited lines of text at 800 characters per second, this small machine punches well above its weight. Ideal for harsh factory environments, the D-Series offer IP65 rating across all the i-Tech modules. 


Flexible laser positioning including horizontal mounting for a smaller footprint.

D120i-bodyThumb2-touchscreen-controllerTouch Panel

Position our remote TouchPanel away from the coding, to suit your production line.