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Different sectors have specific legal and production requirements where traditional coding systems might not be sufficient. Domino is here to assist you in navigating these complex necessities. Our sector experts work closely with manufacturers to design solutions that comply with both regulatory requirements and market demands. With unique product handling capabilities, pre-treatment, post-treatment, code validation, or even rejection systems, our services are intended to increase productivity, streamline operations, and create a more efficient and safer work environment.

Learn how we helped Pepsi to improve their canning lines with our BCCS

Pepsi is using one of our Beverage Can Coding Systems, a comprehensive Specialised Solution to code onto beverage cans at speeds of 100k cans per hour. According to Pepsi Bottling Ventures’ Vice President of Engineering Sabri Kundakcioglu: "Quality, productivity and sustainability. These are the three reasons that we converted our can coding to a fiber laser. Line efficiency is improved, cost of production has been reduced and customer complaints about poor printing quality have been reduced."


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