Introducing the D620i

The high quality printing system for a diverse range of applications

With unlimited lines of text at 2000 characters per second, the compact D620i can deliver great performance. Its i-Tech modular design features separate components making it easy to install within your existing production line. Flexibility comes with its connectivity, familiar interface and smaller, adjustable i-Tech scan head. While an optional IP65 version can take on the harshest environments by adding greater protection to the laser tube – an added level of reliability that gives you extra peace of mind. Able to print on a wide range of materials, with high line speeds delivered through our patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology. Ideal for harsh factory environments, the D-Series offers IP65 rating across all the i-Tech modules.

D620i-bodyThumb1-90degree-rotation-multi-possitionFlexible print head

The flexibility of print head rotation backed up by various scan head orientations and modular beam deliveries.

D620i-bodyThumb2-beam-delivery-extenderEasy integration

Using the modular beam delivery creates additional flexibility for difficult integrations.