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QuickDesign Production Plus

Production order
management and
ERP made easy

Coding Automation

Performance and Value

QuickDesign Production Plus is the software solution for vertical integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) into production line coding operations.

Integration of coding equipment to higher level IT systems provides significant efficiency improvements and substantially reduces the need for Operator involvement by automating coder message setup.

QuickDesign Production Plus integrates to ERP systems via a configurable two way file interface and can receive and store lists of jobs for a given production period. Easy to use, Operator Pro screens are available to production teams on the factory floor to select jobs and summarise status information.

Benefiting from a powerful print controller, which runs as a Windows® service, QuickDesign Production Plus means jobs can be securely stored along with product and template information. The solution comes with configurable Operator Pro screens making QuickDesign Production Plus the ideal solution for factory floor production order management and as a supplement to ERP systems.

Key Benefits
  • Batches of data pushed directly from ERP provide optimum operational efficiencies without an MES system Full integration with ERP
  • Maximise production uptime Secure storing job information locally ensures production continues, even if the ERP System is offline
  • Faster, error free job change overs Operator Pro enables all coder messages to be configured from a single button press or barcode scan.
  • Standalone mode Can be configured to work in a standalone environment with no external ERP integration if required
  • Scalable and flexible Configurable from a single PC and coder to a site wide solution, the flexible QuickDesign platform ensures future proofing and scalability.
  • Standardisation Same label designer independent of coder technology
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