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A-Series XS

The A-Series XS is specifically designed to meet the demands of customers in high-speed industries such as canning, Beverage  and Cable and Wire .  The specifically developed variant runs at speeds up to 30% faster than the rest of the A-Series range. For outstanding clarity and contrast on dark surfaces such as cable and wire, dark bottles and plastics, the A-Series XS can print Opaque codes at the speeds required.

Robust and Reliable

The A-Series XS is not only fast, it is also supremely reliable at producing consistent levels of print quality and reliable performance during round the clock production.  The superb "start-stop" performance ensures that the A-Series XS operates as an integrated part of the production process, thereby maintaining production line efficiency.

Easy to Maintain

As with all A-Series, manual printhead cleaning is a preventative maintenance procedure rather than the daily routine. The fully automated start up and shut down system using Domino’s nozzle sealing feature means that production and coding can start when you want, without the delays associated with other systems. 


The A-Series XS supports a range of advanced performance fluids to suit your application. Ideal for the bottled drinks industry, Domino's "wet bottling" ink has excellent adhesive properties on wet surfaces - even at high speeds - and will not rub off under refrigeration.

Key Benefits:

  • Proven A-Series reliability
  • Meets the demands of high speed industries such as canning
  • 30% faster that the standard A-Series range
  • Supports a range of advanced performance fluids

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